Ad Iterations Panel / App Growth Summit

App Growth Summit Peter Fodor - Ad Iterations Panel

A great ad creative can send your business through the roof. To get to such a super-performer, you have to test and iterate. But how? To save you the headaches and money, four UA experts provide you with an actionable iteration plan that you can apply tomorrow.

How to Predict Ad Revenue ROAS

How to predict ad revenue roas

In this exclusive webinar, two of AppAgent’s mobile experts demonstrate the entire process behind creating ROAS prediction models for Ad-Monetized Games.

How to Optimize your Mobile Marketing Strategy with AI

How to Optimize your Mobile Marketing Strategy with AI

Unlock the full potential of AI in mobile marketing. This exclusive webinar will cover practical examples of using AI tools such as ChatGPT, Dall-E 2 and Midjourney to improve ad creative ideation and streamline your mobile marketing efforts.

Clear the Canvas: Creative Optimizations for 2023

Clear the canvas: Creative optimizations for 2023

Creatives that turn heads (or bring clicks and installs) are the backbone of any successful marketing strategy and campaign. ironSource, AppAgent, SciPlay, DraftKings and Singular, are celebrating the new year with a discussion on creative optimizations you can make for effective ads.