You’ll walk away from this candid conversation with actionable strategies to recalibrate the way you approach AI and help you avoid the same mistakes that others have made.

Whether you’re a seasoned mobile professional or a curious mind, this session promises invaluable insights to help you navigate the AI landscape in its current state.


Uncover the real challenges and limitations of current AI technologies.

Understand the necessary shifts in organizational mindset and strategy to leverage AI effectively.

Learn about the expected advancements that will enhance AI’s reliability and productivity.

Gain a deeper understanding of AI’s capabilities and how to strategically prepare for its evolving role in technology.


Peter Fodor

Peter Fodor

Founder & CEO of AppAgent

Peter’s mission is to help companies grow in mobile space through expert knowledge and personal involvement. With a decade in advertising and four years running a mobile studio, he brings expertise in go-to-market strategy, user acquisition, scaling, and building growth teams and processes.

Brian Bowman

Brian Bowman

Former CEO of Consumer Acquisition

Brian is an accomplished investor, advisor, and mentor. He achieved a mid-eight-figure exit with his startup, Consumer Acquisition. Now, as a fractional CMO, he specializes in performance marketing, using Generative AI to enhance creative workflows, demand generation, and ROAS from UA and growth marketing.

The team at AppAgent immediately understood how they could work with us to alleviate pressure points and drive growth. AppAgent’s campaign management and bespoke LTV model are now central to our User Acquisition process.

Craig Forret / Co-Founder at dreamloft