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You can buy or build a mobile analytics stack. Or ask AppAgent to build it for you, which brings the best of both worlds: fast setup and complete data ownership and flexibility.

AppAgent's Approach

AppAgent provides holistic reporting that combines Marketing Analytics, Product Analytics, and ASO Analytics.

Our analytics platform called ROY is built on top of Google Cloud. It is cost-efficient – especially at scale, gives you absolute freedom in analysis, and flexibility to connect various data sources.

It’s a single source of truth for your CEO, CMO and Product Manager.

What's Included in
Product & Marketing
Mobile Analytics

Product & Marketing Analytics Infographics

Why use mobile analytics
by AppAgent

We build it, you own it

If you’re smart, you know data is power. So without question, YOU should own your data and not some analytics provider who limits access to your pot of gold.

No questions without answers

Out-of-box tools offer limited customization and level of analysis. In ROY we design custom dashboards for daily operations and anything else can be custom-queried from the raw data.


You dream of growing your app, but already 1M MAUs might cost you $50-100K in yearly fees for an out-of-box analytics tool. Don’t get locked down with crazy terms – use ROY as a cost-efficient solution. pushed the startup to 700M EUR turnover


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