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Launching a new game is always a hard job. Every developer wants to get their voice heard and can be a challenging task in a overcrowded mobile space. If you’re not launching your first title, then there is a way to make things easier for you. We’ve experimented with incentivizing players using a virtual currency in exchange for becoming our Facebook fan and Twitter follower. There are many disputes about using these types of
We at Flow strongly believe in the need of a fair approach, open communication and a mutual respect. What has happened to us regarding the contract work for Leap Motion was a strong impulse to share our experience with you as well as other developers. I personally hope this will save you time and effort. For us, recently big evangelists of the Leap Motion controller, this is even a more unpleasant experience. — Dear
There’s always someone who knows better than you whether it is the code, the UI, the monetization, the analytics, etc. Let’s assume you’ve made the research to validate that your idea isn’t total bullshit and you understand what it takes to develop the product. There’s still one more step before jumping into full production: getting feedback first. Yes, getting feedback already about the concept which can be a short PDF, a mockup, an executive
It continues to surprise me to how many different business approaches every dev team has. It doesn’t matter if they have the same team size and stage, everyone is doing new apps and games in a different way. We at Flow are not 100% intuitive or 100% data driven and are somewhere in the middle which means we do lots of stuff by heart but still value the information, feedback and data. Below are
Report from the first Gesture Control Hackathon We at Flow love to share. Share ideas, feedback, even sales figures and this time share hardware. Why not organize a hackathon, where everybody can touch amazing gesture controllers and create amazing stuff? Building the reputation at Leap Motion apps and games, we were approved to the Myo Developers Program and were also selected among a few Kinect 2 developers. We don’t know about the other team
I spent some time reading some interesting articles and studying last Sunday as I do every weekend. AppAnnie Index – 2013 Retrospective is a document which I was looking forward to reading for several weeks because it always promises to be packed with dozens of stats and charts. After a few minutes of reading, you can clearly see the trends in mobile business. One of the many interesting facts was a table of the
We’ve created four cute fairy tale characters for the game “Puppets” for Leap Motion during the last summer. We’ve found out soon after finishing the set with an amazing designer Pavel Siska that in Leap Motion’s Airspace are just geeks and techies, The intention to create an app for kids was a business non sense. It’s like selling your kids, but if anyone wants to adopt this gang, please visit the Unity Asset Store and get
Gangnam Style, Nyan Cat, What Does the Fox Say. Or Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Flappy Bird… The world is crazy and no one really understands what’s behind the success of these viral hits. However, it’s fun to be a part of it, so why not make our own remake of the latest mobile smash hit. Meet Flappy Rocket on Leap Motion. Download it here: (Source:
Today we’ve launched a unique project, Orc’s Arena. It’s not just a game, it represents a new approach. Imagine a “minimal viable product” typical for services in a form of a game, which waits for feedback and will be further developed based on the response of the players.  Sortee, currently our most expensive title, took us almost a year to develop. Although we’ve done lot of interviews, closed testing, public testing and iteration cycles,
We are soon launching a prologue of our new game called Orc’s Arena. Just couple of days and it will be available in the Airspace store, exclusively for #leapmotion. (Source:

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