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You probably know yourself that before you go shopping for new shoes there are millions of models available and it will be hard to choose only one pair. Once you enter
Push notifications are no doubt a key for improving user retention. But the truth is there are few resources and stats about the best tactics. Until now! I traveled a long
Reviews are an essential part of the App Store and Google Play Store in regards to marketing. More positive reviews mean more social proof for the user which leads to more
Launching a new game is always a hard job. Every developer wants to get their voice heard and can be a challenging task in a overcrowded mobile space. If you’re not
We at Flow strongly believe in the need of a fair approach, open communication and a mutual respect. What has happened to us regarding the contract work for Leap Motion was
There’s always someone who knows better than you whether it is the code, the UI, the monetization, the analytics, etc. Let’s assume you’ve made the research to validate that your idea
It continues to surprise me to how many different business approaches every dev team has. It doesn’t matter if they have the same team size and stage, everyone is doing new
Report from the first Gesture Control Hackathon We at Flow love to share. Share ideas, feedback, even sales figures and this time share hardware. Why not organize a hackathon, where everybody
I spent some time reading some interesting articles and studying last Sunday as I do every weekend. AppAnnie Index – 2013 Retrospective is a document which I was looking forward to

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