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Andreas Illiger, an author of the famous iOS game Tiny Wings, is so far the best example of indie developer success. Players flooded with bloody shooters found his beautiful game not only entertaining and addictive, but also tender, optimistic and soul pleasing. “The first month was really scary,” Andreas comments on what was happening after Tiny Wings had hit the first spot in the US App Store. An avalanche of interest was so unpleasant
We just got back from A MAZE Indie Connect festival in Berlin. On the way back to Prague still with a little hangover from yesterdays great party we discussed our impressions. Thorsten S. Wiedemann, the main organizer, asked us for any ideas and toughs about the festival which was a good kickoff for a deeper reflection. So here is some food for thought, Thorsten.   Manifest: “Indie games success"  The festival should mainly present
There’s no doubt that as a beginner game developer you study everything there is on the Internet, buy books, ask people. The truth is, there is a lot of shallow nonsense that is only of limited value when compared to personal experience. Here are ten tips that sum up our experience of producing and releasing the title Power of Logic.   1. Big Idea Wins It is the execution that counts, not the idea.
Petr and Richard at IndieGames session presenting “App Store marketing in 512 seconds”.
Petr and Richard at IndieGames session presenting “App Store marketing in 512 seconds”.
The world hates change, yet it is the only thing that has brought progress. Charles F. Kettering

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