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This is the first episode of the Mobile Marketing Creatives Series that aims to inspire you on how to best promote your app or game through thumb-stopping visuals.  The importance of player and user analysis According to Gonzalo Fasanella, CMO of Tactile Games, a deep understanding of players’ motivators is one of the main reasons why Lily’s Garden occupies top 100 grossing charts in the US with about $220K in revenues daily (according to Apptica). Gonzalo introduced
Today’s mobile growth is massively driven by paid user acquisition. Actually, mobile ad spend reached a 26% year over year growth to a whopping $240B in 2020 according to App Annie.  Such an acquisition is based on two pillars. First, user behavior events sent from the app back to ad networks providing signals for algorithms who the best users are. Second, ad creatives that make people click on a banner, video or playable ad
If you are a developer or marketeer working in mobile, you’ve probably heard the term ‘deep linking’. But what is it, and how can you leverage deep links for your app or game?  A deep link launches an app and opens a specific landing page within an app when a user clicks a link on a web page or another app. Deep links can significantly improve user experience and conversion rates. Here are some
If you’ve been dabbling in mobile marketing for 2+ years now, you are aware of the ever increasing automation taking over all the advertising platforms. Long gone are the days of crunching data to find the perfect bid for each of your 20+ micro-segmented audiences in order to deliver a perfectly personalised experience while yielding maximum ROAS. Today, the more you try to narrow down your ideal target audience, the bigger the punishment you receive
Today, mobile marketers must look beyond the installation of their app or game to find a new currency through which to analyze and optimize mobile app marketing. Post-install events play a crucial role in this process.  What is a post-install event? A post-install event is any event or action taken by the user after they have downloaded an app. A post-install event can be an app start, registration, usage metrics such as time spent
Every publisher has heard the phrase: “We need more ads and we need them fast!” over and over again from their user acquisition department. The fact is that mobile video ads are critical for effective user acquisition, however the production of these ads is heavily dependent on manpower. This is where automation can come in handy. Automation is a technical solution which helps generate a high number of video variants in far less time. What
Developing a robust ad creatives process should be a high priority for any mobile marketer that wants to have the best performing ads for their mobile app or game. The process should effectively merge art with science: it must create efficiency, reduce burnout, and provide your creative team with more time to focus on idea-making… the essential goal of any creative process. In this post, we will explore the Ad Creatives Execution (ACE) Framework,
For some TikTok is the next big thing in mobile marketing. For others, it’s a platform for youngsters that isn’t quite ready for attention – yet. But, if you follow the growth of the platform closely, you will realise it’s not for teens anymore. Today, big advertisers are already investing heavily into acquisition. One of them is Tom Nguyen.  Tom is exploring the potential for TikTok advertising on his own, without the support of
Many articles talk about App store optimization (ASO) tactics, but only a few touch the fundamentals of a successful ASO strategy. By focusing simply on tactics instead of developing an effective strategy, many publishers are spending money without seeing results. At AppAgent, we have written widely on the subject, sharing our belief that strategy should drive tactics, not the other way round. We have identified six critical aspects of a successful ASO strategy. This
Peter’s notes from the company offsite in February 2020 in Spain. These are his thoughts on building a company and the company culture, as well as summary of what AppAgent did wrong when it came to hiring last year, why we are often inviting family members to company events or – in contrast – why we wouldn’t hire someone for a full-time remote position. Day 1 / Why I’m not in the office February

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