3 Tips to Avoid Self Sabotage

I’ve just received short but very interesting mailing from Ben representing Lean Startup Machine. It’s so inspiring that I want to share it immediately with you. It will be great if you join Flow at the first ever Lean Startup Workshop in Prague March 1.

“Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen” ~ Alyce P. Cornyn- Selby

It doesnt matter how much experience you have, or how enlightened you are.  If you are putting yourself out on the line for your venture, there is a high likelihood that you’ll feel the fear of “not being good enough” or even failure.  Many make the mistake of believing that we need to overcome or get rid of negative thoughts to be successful.

Nope.  Not true.

Below you’ll find a couple of tips on how to avoid setting yourself up for failure, courtesy of your friends at the Lean Startup Machine.


1) Observe Yourself:  

Forget justifying what you did (or didn’t do) and just watch yourself.  Imagine your someone else whose behavior your’re watching.  Ask:  "What did I do there and what was driving it?“

2)Remember that succes isn’t black or white:

Success can be measured on many different scales and is all relative.  Its not as simple as black and white.  Rememer that creating and establishing a succesful venture is an organic learning experience.

3)Approach everything with a sense of exploration:

All life is an exploration.  Imagine if Cinderella decided to stay in rather than go to the ball.  Be open to the experience of taking risks and look at them as positive experiences regardless of the risk.  If something isn’t working, thats fine, but at least now you know.


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