9 app marketing resources you should know

You probably know yourself that before you go shopping for new shoes there are millions of models available and it will be hard to choose only one pair. Once you enter the shop, you soon realize that only one or two models fit your requirements and you probably need to look elsewhere. With app marketing resources it’s the same and only a few provide really valuable information worth your attention. Here is a list of my 9 favorite resources:

1. Dan Counsell – dancounsell.com, Blogger

Founder and designer at Realmac software doesn’t have a marketing title on his business card but provides useful advice on nearly a monthly basis based on his own personal experience. His style reminds me of 37 Signals and their book “Getting Real”: facts, simple tone, no bullshit.

2. Evaldo Rossi – blog.worddata.com, Blogger

Evaldo is App Store Optimization Expert and a Mobile Game Developer from Brazil. He’s pretty active in publishing new articles and various “cheat sheets” as well as checklists which you can use on a daily basis.

3. Application Developers Alliance – appdevelopersalliance.org/publications/, Publications

ADA is a recent discovery which is publishing great in-depth publications concerning specific topics such as Monetization or How To Measure LTV. It’s usually a long read but with lots of data and research behind each study. Every document always leads me to some new resources and experts.

4. PocketGamer – Pocketgamer.biz, News

A cross road for every mobile games entrepreneur. I personally like the section “Data & Research” where you can find dozens of articles packed with fresh market analysis. Pocketgamer also publishes post-mortems or interviews which unveil some interesting stories behind popular games.

5. App Promotion Summit – apppromotionsummit.com, Conference

A unique event dedicated only to app promotion since 2013. The event is heading back to London after a stop in Berlin last year. If you don’t have enough in your budget to visit the conference you can still check some of the videos for free.

6. Appboy – blog.appboy.com, Blog

Appboy is app marketing automation tool which helps to increase retention and engagement. Their blog is packed with tips on how to segment users, personalize the best practices, push notifications insights, etc.

7. Chartboost – http://blog.chartboost.com/, Blog and Insights

Chartboost is regularly publishing their market insights and blogging about mobile marketing trends, paid user acquisition, etc. Their staff is also very helpful in case you have some further questions so don’t hesitate to follow up an article with a direct discussion.

8. AppAnnie – http://blog.appannie.com/, Blog and Insights

AppAnnie is a data company and surely they are able to convey tons of fascinating information from their platform. For me, AppAnnie is about the big picture rather than “how-to tutorials”. Pay special attention to major publications such as the 2014 Retrospective or Mobile Games Strategies for 2015.

9. Mobile Dev Memos – http://mobiledevmemo.com/, Curated list

Mobile Dev Memo is a comprehensive resource for mobile app development. It mixes its own content and aggregates other interesting articles in the form of short “memos”. It’s curated by Eric Seufert, the guy behind Wooga’s marketing success. I also recommend to follow him at Slideshare.


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