Growing subscription-based mobile apps with LTV prediction

To learn more about industry insights and best practices, sign up for the AppAgent newsletter here. Identifying a suitable post-install event and generating an accurate lifetime value (LTV) prediction could help you significantly improve user acquisition performance. In this article,  we explain what an LTV prediction is, the critical role the post-install events play in […]

Summary of the Complete Guide on Predictive LTV modeling

Guide on Predictive LTV Modeling

AppsFlyer together with AppAgent and Incipia has published a comprehensive guide on predictive LTV modeling which is a must-read for mobile marketers, UA managers and marketing analysts. We interviewed top experts from companies such as Rovio, Hutch Games, Wargaming, Joom, Wolt, Blinkist, and Boombit to provide a comprehensive view on how LTV modeling differs […]