How to iterate mobile video ads and double the lifetime of your creatives

Ad Iterations - Episode 10

This is part ten of the Mobile Marketing Creatives Series. In ten episodes, we aim to provide insight and inspiration on creating thumb-stopping visuals to promote your app.  Download the Mobile Ad Creatives eBook today to read the other nine parts of this series. The comprehensive guide includes ten core topics condensed into a practical blueprint with […]

3 Ways to A/B Test App Store and Google Play Assets

Over the past 2-3 years, ASO has evolved into a field primarily focused on conversion optimization rather than search optimization. The majority of search traffic now revolves around brand terms, making it challenging to scale.

How to Create Mobile Video Ads for Apps & Games

How to make a good ads for mobile apps

In this article, you will discover how to adapt your ads to effectively deal with market saturation, the key distinctions between good and bad fake ads, and 12 creative approaches to accelerate the ideation process.

A Guide to Mobile Branding: Tips and Examples

How to build a brand for mobile app

What defines a great mobile brand, and how does it impact customer behavior? Mobile app branding promises that the product will deliver what’s expected–functionally and performance, privacy and security.