How to increase app store conversion rate: spy on competitors

How to increase App Store conversion rate

Welcome to the second part of our Mobile Marketing Creatives Series. In ten episodes, we aim to provide insight and inspiration on creating thumb-stopping visuals to promote your app. Download the Mobile Ad Creatives eBook today to read the other nine episodes in the series. The comprehensive guide includes ten core topics condensed into a practical blueprint with examples from […]

Mobile Ad Eaters – Episode 6

Mobile Ad Eaters 6 Blinkist

Featuring ads in the 6th episode of Mobile Ad Eaters are TikTok,, Facebook, DoorDash, Plenty of Fish and Blinkist. Our guest Violeta Pirnog, Performance Marketing Manager of Blinkist, introduces their most successful and inspiration ad called “Read like a CEO”. Watch to hear about Blinkist’s “frankensteining” tactic. Mobile Ad Eaters is a short video series that […]

How to analyze app users’ and game players’ motivation

how to analyze app users' and game players' motivation

This is the first episode of the Mobile Marketing Creatives Series that aims to inspire you on how to best promote your app or game through thumb-stopping visuals.  The importance of player and user analysis According to Gonzalo Fasanella, CMO of Tactile Games, a deep understanding of players’ motivators is one of the main reasons […]

How to set up post-install events for mobile attribution analytics

Post-install events

Today, mobile marketers must look beyond the installation of their app or game to find a new currency through which to analyze and optimize mobile app marketing. Post-install events play a crucial role in this process.  What is a post-install event? A post-install event is any event or action taken by the user after they […]

Efficiency in Mobile Ad Creatives Production: ACE Framework!

Ad Creatives Production

Developing a robust ad creatives process should be a high priority for any mobile marketer that wants to have the best performing ads for their mobile app or game. The process should effectively merge art with science: it must create efficiency, reduce burnout, and provide your creative team with more time to focus on idea-making… […]

Tips for successful mobile marketing on TikTok

Mobile Marketing TikTok

To learn more about industry insights and best practices, sign up for the AppAgent newsletter here.   For some TikTok is the next big thing in mobile marketing. For others, it’s a platform for youngsters that isn’t quite ready for attention – yet. But, if you follow the growth of the platform closely, you will […]

6 key drivers of ASO strategy for your business

6 key drivers of ASO strategy

Many articles talk about App store optimization (ASO) tactics, but only a few touch the fundamentals of a successful ASO strategy. By focusing simply on tactics instead of developing an effective strategy, many publishers are spending money without seeing results. At AppAgent, we have written widely on the subject, sharing our belief that strategy should […]

How to stop Apple from rejecting your App Store preview videos in 2022

Apple rejecting app preview videos

Last updated: September 20th, 2022 To learn more about industry insights and best practices, sign up for the AppAgent newsletter here. Every day, Apple seems to be getting stricter with store assets. At least, that’s what we at AppAgent and other publishers have experienced. It’s increasingly common for app previews to be rejected because they […]

How user acquisition automation can save you three days a week

User acquisition automation

  To learn more about industry insights and best practices, sign up for the AppAgent newsletter here. Can you imagine what it must feel like to be the digital marketing director of a popular on-demand delivery app? You’re responsible for running local campaigns in 181 cities across 23 countries. When new locations in LATAM, Eastern […]