Doubling the iOS Conversion Rate for an Iconic Web Game

Enhanced store visuals
& metadata to attract
a new audience


increase in iOS conversion rate in the United States

Secured 1st-place ranking for high-volume keywords such as ‘Horse’ and  ‘Horse Games’

About Star stable mobile app

Originally launched as a web game in 2012, Star Stable Online is an adventure game that allows players to ride and care for their own horses, embark on quests, and participate in competitions. The game was introduced on iOS for mobile users in February 2022.

AppAgent has been a sensational partner in helping us understand and implement our ASO Strategy. Their team is intelligent, easy to work with, and consistently delivers value. But most of all, the team really cared about what they were doing. Their passion and enthusiasm to help us improve really shone through in the working relationship.

Katie Stegs / Head of Product Marketing at Star Stable

the brief

Improve store conversion on the App Store by appealing to a new audience, focusing on enhancing the Browse conversion rate.


The journey began by developing a strategic testing plan and engaging in extensive market research to gain insights into the target audience. This analysis guided the framework for asset production, each of which was designed to align with player motivations and visual preferences.

Over 6 months, we conducted 24 tests to find the most effective approach to attract a new audience. Our successful icon experiment and the addition of new screenshots contributed to the increased conversion rate. We also introduced an in-app event to occupy more space within the search.

In parallel, we researched and updated the metadata to amplify visibility and enhance visual comprehension, particularly in relation to high-traffic keywords such as “horse,” “horses,” and “horse game.” To expand our reach, we introduced a new localization (English – UK) and utilized the “Mexican Hack” to include additional English keywords in the Mexican metadata.

AppAgent’s Conclusion

“We established a dynamic production framework that allowed us to test every single day. Our efforts, including updating the App Store visuals and improving rankings, resulted in an overall increase in conversion rate in the US by 54% and in the App Store Browse by 50%. We also delivered diverse assets for continuous post-collaboration testing. In addition, we elevated the game’s positioning from 4th to 1st for keywords like ‘horse’, ‘horses’, and ‘horse games’ which led to more organic traffic from search.”

Krystina Zaremba / Growth Manager at AppAgent

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