CreatED a new growth straTegy based on data


more daily installs through conversion rate optimization


drop in CPI on Apple Search Ads

About Babbel mobile app

One of the world’s leading language learning apps and e­Learning platforms, currently available in 14 languages. This Berlin-based startup has been a market-leader since 2008.

AppAgent helped us to align organic and paid UA teams, set a performance-driven mindset when it comes to design and copywriting teams as well as consolidate the portfolio of apps to be more effective.

Giulia Pacioni / Head of ASO & SEO at Babbel

the brief

To run a holistic audit with a focus on ASO. The task was to identify performance drivers and areas where Babbel should invest its resources in order to deliver the highest return on investment.


AppAgent’s interdisciplinary team reviewed 18 months of organic and paid traffic data, 10+ internal studies, dozens of A/B tests and thousands of keywords in just four weeks. Based on that incredible in-depth analysis we identified four opportunities that helped Babbel achieve 20% more daily installs and an 18% drop in CPI. These opportunities were: paid user acquisition, portfolio consolidation, conversion rate optimization, and Apple Search Ads.

AppAgent’s conclusion

“One of the breakthroughs for Babbel was their mindset change towards the app stores. The audit also helped team members develop a better understanding of the relationship between paid and organic traffic.”

Martin jelinek / Head of Marketing at AppAgent 

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