Building a New Mobile Brand

New brand positioning and creative strategy

Conducted target audience audit

Created new branding,
app UI and video ads

About Clapper mobile app

Launched on the US market in 2020, Clapper is a new social video recording and sharing app which originally emphasized free speech. The experienced team behind the app considered themselves strong in technology but not in branding and business design, which is why they sought out AppAgent’s help.

Thanks to the work of AppAgent, the app gained 200k+ active users and 500k downloads. AppAgent is a responsive and responsible collaborator, with deliverables met on time and within specifications.

Edison Chen / Co-Founder and CEO of Clapper

the brief

Provide branding services for a new app in development. There was a need to identify the client’s market position, build a new brand identity, redesign the app, create an app launch strategy and make video ads for UA campaigns.


AppAgent conducted different types of research in order to understand the current app positioning, cultural and political context in the US and the possible challenges the app could face.

We provided Clapper with the following outputs:

  • Target audience definition
  • Business design review including a monetization model
  • Minimum viable brand definition
  • Creative strategy
  • Logo, icon, brand manual and app interface redesign
  • A complete how-to guide for app launch, together with a series of workshops

AppAgent’s conclusion

“By the end of 2020, Clapper was ready to confidently start launching paid campaigns and establish their new positioning in North America. Clapper soon became the 5th most downloaded social networking app on the US App Store. It has gained 200k+ active users and 500k downloads to date.”

Anna Steinke / Creative Strategist at AppAgent

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