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increase in revenue in four months

Designed creative production process to sustain UA activities

About Dreamloft

DreamLoft is a New-Zealand-based developer that managed to successfully launch its main title, Game of Words: Word Puzzles, and gain initial traction, especially on Google Ads (Android).

The team at AppAgent immediately understood how they could work with us to alleviate pressure points and drive growth. AppAgent’s campaign management and bespoke LTV model are now central to our User Acquisition process.

Craig Forret / Co-Founder at dreamloft

the brief

Profitably scale Game of Words, set up the production of high-performing creatives, and grow its main title beyond the first traction achieved on Google Ads.


During an initial full-funnel Growth Audit, we touched on past UA efforts, ASO, data analytics, product, and monetization. 

Based on these, we created a prioritized backlog of activities for growth, and defined the LTV prediction model. 

Every 3 months, we evaluated the execution and reprioritized activities to gain insights and ideas for creative production and ROAS improvement. 

A creative strategy canvas pointing to relevant motivators of Game of Words players helped us to design new creatives—that even outperformed the client’s previous top-performing ads—and allowed us to achieve a 33% creative win rate.

We also expanded existing channels to scale the game profitably on Android and iOS using “hero” (long-lasting & performing) creative ads.

AppAgent’s conclusion

“Developing a model to predict profitability and payback time was a game-changer. We could more confidently push on user acquisition after knowing exactly which initial metrics to look for. Revenue increased by 65% in just 4 months while maintaining a high margin.”

Roberto Sbrolla Growth TEAM LEAD

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