21% increase in downloads for a leading wi-fi password app

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experiments conducted within 16 months


extra installs generated daily

About INSTABRIDGE mobile app by degoo

Instabridge is the leading free Wi-Fi mapping service that has an archive of 20 million secure, up-to-date hubspots and passwords. It’s the simplest way to surf the internet for free.

AppAgent created new designs that increased the app's install rate from 33% to 40%. Additionally, they helped us grow our revenue, as well as strength of our brand. We're impressed with their experience with app store optimization.

carl hasselskog / Ceo of degoo

the brief

Improve organic reach, conversion rate in Google Play and retention of Android users.


AppAgent set up an ASO process to be able to effectively run 5 to 10 experiments monthly in 30 different languages. This volume of testing was possible also due to massive downloads on Google Play. 

Using a hypothesis planner and experimental backlog, each test contributed to a database of learnings which was later enriched by a second app under AppAgent’s management, Degoo Cloud. 

Major success came from testing the icon and splash screen promoting various selling propositions. This once again confirmed the main focus should be on the first impression frame (app name, icon, first screenshot/video cover).

AppAgent’s best practice

“Organize your ASO activities in a single place – be it, for example, Google Sheets or Airtable. Having hypotheses ranked by priorities, updated production plan and experiments backlog not only increases efficiency of the ASO process but also leads to better results.”

david pertl / mobile marketing manager at AppAgent

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