The initial assessment led to the definition of Kinzoo stakeholders’ specific needs

A single dashboard now provides all the marketing and UA insights in one place

About Kinzoo mobile app

Kinzoo is a private messenger app for families from Vancouver, Canada. User data is safe (never used for advertising), profiles are private, and users only chat with approved contacts.

AppAgent helped us to eliminate significant manual effort across both our business and development teams on manual data consolidation. Now we have robust and relevant data visualizations that are accessible to the entire company at any time.

Brittany Skolovy / Chief Growth Officer of Kinzoo

the brief

Kinzoo was seeking an analytical solution where both marketing and product managers could have one source of truth. The initial plan was to build analytics in-house but outsourcing to AppAgent proved to be faster and more cost-efficient.


AppAgent provided a custom-built marketing and product analytics dashboard based on our proprietary platform ROY which unifies data from ad networks, attribution tools, app stores and in-app events.

The project kicked off with an assessment of Kinzoo’s needs, translated into two documents:

  1. List of in-app events for programmers to implement
  2. Mockups of dashboards to align on the visualization of data

Once events were implemented and tested, the data transformation process led us design custom views. The platform, built on Google Cloud, was handed over to Kinzoo after we conducted training, and is fully owned by the app publisher. AppAgent remains responsible for its operations.

AppAgent’s conclusion

“AppAgent saved Kinzoo a significant amount of time by automating their reports from multiple sources. A new dashboard helped Kinzoo understand the effectiveness of user acquisition, how people behave in the app and what brings users the biggest value.”

Jurriën Moerman / Data Engineer at AppAgent

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