Mobile app installs increased by 67% between 2018 and 2019

ROI has doubled on Google Ads and tripled on Facebook

About mobile app is a flight search engine and the fastest-growing tech-startup in Eastern Europe, according to Deloitte Technology Fast 50. Now, a global leader, AppAgent was’s full-service mobile marketing partner for three years.

AppAgent excels in connecting the dots. They crush walls between data, mobile marketing and creativity to solve your problem. Simply, they get the s*** done no matter what it takes.

Karel Soucek / VP of Growth at

the brief

Maximize the growth of new users while keeping the target ROI.


We identified three main decisions and steps that reflect market changes to power’s long-term success. 

  1. Dynamic Ads: AppAgent utilized FB dynamic ads with custom design templates and a product catalogue of routes. This immediately improved the ROI of ads.
  2. App Event Optimisation: After analyzing 20 different optimization events we found one that happens in the first session and correlates 46% with future purchase.
  3. Global Targeting: We combined a broad audience (FB) and custom lookalikes (Google) with continent targeting to maximize the capabilities of the ad networks.

AppAgent’s conclusion

“Although the travel vertical proved to be specific, AppAgent multiplied the ROI of campaigns as well as almost doubled the number of active users from organic and paid campaigns in a year. It was the combined efforts of the UA and ASO team that led to maximum gains.”

David Pertl / UA manager at AppAgent

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