Mobile Ad Eaters – Episode 8

Mobile Ad Eaters 8

Featuring ads in the 8th episode of Mobile Ad Eaters are DoorDash, HBO Max, Roblox, Duolingo, Clash of Clans and Acrylic Nails! Listen to our special guest Raquel Korman, Creative Manager of CrazyLabs, who shows us her best performing creative and talks about why you should try to get a reaction out of your viewers. […]

Mobile Ad Eaters – Episode 7

Mobile Ad Eaters 7

Featuring ads in the 7th episode of Mobile Ad Eaters are Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, Top Eleven: Be a Football Manager, Mergical, Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War and Woodoku. Get inspired by UK’s Tripledot Studios Director of Growth Jan Sawicki-Hughes who shares not only their best-perfoming ad called Brain on Vacation but also […]

Mobile Ad Eaters – Episode 6

Mobile Ad Eaters 6

Featuring ads in the 6th episode of Mobile Ad Eaters are TikTok,, Facebook, DoorDash, Plenty of Fish and Blinkist. Our guest Violeta Pirnog, Performance Marketing Manager of Blinkist, introduces their most successful and inspiration ad called “Read like a CEO”. Watch to hear about Blinkist’s “frankensteining” tactic. Mobile Ad Eaters is a short video series that […]