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Once, in a meeting with a new fin-tech client, I was asked how much it would cost to get a new application featured in the App Store. At first the question seemed silly to me, but later I understood how perceptive it actually was. In reality, you can’t buy the spot with cash. The only way to achieve it is with the quality of the product you have created and with the investment that
The mobile space is full of buzzwords such as re-targeting, segmentation, ads optimization, DSP or programmatic buying. Everyone is trying to lower the high cost per install and fight the trend of growing prices. There’s one spot in the user acquisition funnel which has been surprisingly overlooked. It’s the store listing page which is the fundamental point of the conversion of all your UA efforts including organic downloads. App presentation can have a dramatic
It’s been 4 years since a major change in Apple’s leadership team took place when Tim Cook became the CEO after Steve Jobs passed away. This morning, Apple announced that along with other management shake-ups, senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, is going to relieve Eddy Cue as the head of the App Store across all of its platforms. Normally these kinds of minor shifts in responsibilities isn’t that big of a
Lukas Korba (Twitter, personal site), my friend and business partner, published his first impressions about Apple TV from a developers point of view. I found his remarks interesting and this is the first guest post with some more coming in the future. Last Friday came the long-awaited moment when Apple released Apple TV as well as its native App Store. Let’s take a look at how it works compared to its well-known older brother