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During my time at the App Promotion Summit in Berlin it became clear that a pattern is emerging in mobile analytics. Data now impacts every single decision – from strategy to product to marketing. It may be essential, but many companies struggle to deal with scattered data sources; the task of translating these raw numbers into actionable insights; or the challenge of bringing together analysts, marketers and product owners. I recently sat down with
Did you know that there are 1,736,111 Likes on Instagram; 284,722 shared snaps on Snapchat; and 590,278 swipes on Tinder every minute of every day? The growth in the usage of mobile apps and games has created a mountain of data. Millions of users generate significant traces of their behaviour – all of which has value. Crunching the numbers are the legions of data analysts whose skills are increasingly in demand. The need to
This is the third part of a series uncovering the secrets of mobile game analytics. The first part covers ’How to select the right mobile analytics tool’ and the second part ‘A practical guide for integrating mobile analytics’. For those new to analytics, it is worth starting at the beginning. By this stage, you should  have already integrated the best analytic tool and setup properly all events and dashboards. The next step is to
This is the second part of a series about mobile analytics by Albert Kolacek, product analyst at AppAgent. If you’ve missed the first part ‘How to select the right mobile analytics tool’ start there. The last post in the series will cover: ‘Why segmentation is the key to the long-term success of your game’ and will be available next week. Now that you’ve selected and integrated an analytics solution, you may be wondering what
A guest post by Albert Kolacek, product analyst at AppAgent. This is the first of three guest posts from concerning mobile games analytics. You’ve worked hard on your new app or game, relying on your experience and gut feeling to make it as awesome as possible. Now you’re ready for the soft launch, and you want to collect and analyze a lot of data to validate as well as iterate your product. The


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