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This is the third part of a series uncovering the secrets of mobile game analytics. The first part covers ’How to select the right mobile analytics tool’ and the second part ‘A practical guide for integrating mobile analytics’. For those new to analytics, it is worth starting at the beginning. By this stage, you should  have already integrated the best analytic tool and setup properly all events and dashboards. The next step is to
If you missed the 1st part of this post, read it here. Just to recap, here are the first 5 sins: 1. Missing the Unique Selling Proposition2. A vague definition of the target group3. No category research4. Missing the F2P and premium difference5. Launching on many platforms 6. Not having a marketing budget If you build a freemium game, split your production budget 70-30 and use the smaller part for marketing only. Freemium is an
Focusing on the product is the key to success, no doubt. But clear product vision is very closely connected to marketing and here is where many developers fail miserably. Working with dozens of mobile app and game devs in the past year has shown me some patterns of the most common marketing sins. Here are 11 of them: 1. Missing the Unique Selling Proposition The most shocking to me is the frequent absence of
After months of development and testing, your app or game is finally ready for a global launch. It is time to decide which markets to focus on and where to invest on user acquisition. Making the right decision is not an easy task and involves many factors. I recently helped Geewa, an online and mobile games company based in Prague, pick countries for its game called “Pool Live Tour 2”.   Here are our
I’ve been discussing the soft launch data of a new mid-core game called “Tiny Miners” with my friends at About Fun and we just ran a second round of acquisition focusing on retention and optimizing difficulty. “Compared to Tiny Miners, how was your initial D1 and D7 retention in Mega Dead Pixel [the App Store’s Best 2013 game]?” I asked Peter Vodak, the CEO. He then laughed and replied “Well, at that time, we
“App Store poverty” is a common problem which faces 95 % of developers. With 500 new iOS and 250 Android apps every day, it becomes extremely difficult not only to get discovered but also to monetize games well. Even with a massive number of downloads, such as with Mr. Muscle where we achieved 900K downloads in only 4 weeks, it was a problem to reach $10 000 in revenue with this type of game.


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