Lessons Learned From the Launch of Zavezu Mobile App

Roughly translated as ‘Delivery’ in English, today’s launch of peer-to-peer delivery service Zavezu (Play Store, App Store) is the culmination of over a year and a half’s work. At AppAgent we have worked with Zavezu’s founders David Pertl and Jaroslav Vavrina over the last 10 months – here’s what we have learned. Even newbies can […]

11 Deadly Marketing Sins [video]

Working with about 10 gaming companies at AppAgent, I see a clear pattern as to what are the most common mistakes in mobile marketing. My talk at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki 2016 covers in 15 minutes how to understand your market, competition and how to succeed in mobile gaming space.   ????  Learn more about […]

Why freemium and premium aren’t the same when it comes to marketing

Deciding whether your newest mobile game should adopt a freemium or premium business model is one of the most important decisions a developer can make. It will not only define the way you generate revenue, but will also influence your choice of marketing channels and tactics. To help you make the best decision for you […]

From death’s door to 1M – the twisted story of Tiny Miners

Tiny Miners, a fast-paced action adventure is the latest game from About Fun, creators of Apple’s ‘Best of 2013’ featured Mega Dead Pixel. The game is already being enjoyed across the world (App Store, Play Store), but it very nearly didn’t get released at all after the Prague based studio entered into a serious dispute […]

5 practical tips for improving store conversion

Working on over 60 store listing experiments in the past year has revealed to me some important lessons – and provided lots of surprises as well. It’s now much clearer to me that improving store conversion is one of the cheapest and the most effective ways of user acquisition. Even with 50 organic downloads a […]

3 Tips on Game Growth

I was asked for “3 tips” on game growth at a meet-up organized by AppNext shortly before PocketGamer Connects in Helsinki. The event evolved into a crazy networking rush jam-packed with industry experts such as Oscar Clark (Unity), Chris James (Steel Media) and Tommy Palm (ex-King.com, now Resolution Games). So, when the mic refused to […]

10 Soft Launch pitfalls and how to avoid them

In Czech we have a nice proverb: “Everyone is a General after the battle.” What that means is that, in retrospect, you can see many mistakes that have been made, and spot many opportunities to learn. When beginning to plan for the release of a mobile game, most developers think about the product itself rather […]

How Much Does it Cost To Get an App Featured by Apple?

Once, in a meeting with a new fin-tech client, I was asked how much it would cost to get a new application featured in the App Store. At first the question seemed silly to me, but later I understood how perceptive it actually was. In reality, you can’t buy the spot with cash. The only […]

How a broken arm led to the Apple Design Award

Ján Ilavský is a Slovak indie developer based in a small village called Tlustice in the Czech Republic. Located halfway between Prague and Pilsen, you wouldn’t expect this place of 930 inhabitants to be a creative hub. But still, Ján just came back home with a developer’s “Stanley Cup”, an Apple Design Award for his […]

5 most common mistakes of data analysts

Did you know that there are 1,736,111 Likes on Instagram; 284,722 shared snaps on Snapchat; and 590,278 swipes on Tinder every minute of every day? The growth in the usage of mobile apps and games has created a mountain of data. Millions of users generate significant traces of their behaviour – all of which has […]