Cedric, welcome on board!

We’re very happy to announce that internet strategy consultant Cedric Maloux, former CEO of Geewa, has become the first member of our Advisory Board. Cedric’s role is to help us invent and market new products for the Leap Motion controller using his great innovation and product development skills.

“Cedric has a track record spanning back to over 15 years in the online and gaming business. His turnaround of Geewa, bringing them back from the verge of bankruptcy into the TOP10 developers on Facebook within two years, was impressive,” comments company co-founder Richard Horin.

The main task of the studio for the upcoming months is to develop several Leap Motion apps and games on this new emerging platform.

“Flow Studio is at the forefront of the next revolution in gaming where the player’s body becomes part of the computer games. We have been using a keyboard and mouse for too long and it’s time to play with our hands. I’m extremely excited and grateful to the talented Flow Studio team for inviting me and I know they will create a killing entertaining experience for the Leap Motion device,” said Cedric Maloux. 

Cedric recently published an article entitled “The next revolution in gaming is… You!" which was inspired by the recent developments in the gaming industry.


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