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Love at first swipe - Mobile Ad Eaters #18

How Dating Apps can Stand out from the crowd

The digital age has transformed the way we approach dating and relationships, with an increasing number of people turning to apps to connect with potential partners. In a crowded market, how can dating and relationship apps stand out from the competition? The answer, as it turns out, lies in their advertising.

This episode of Mobile Ad Eaters showcased five ads for dating and relationship apps that were chosen for their ability to capture viewers’ attention while effectively communicating the app’s unique selling point. These ads, pulled from the Apptica ad intelligence platform and the TikTok Creative Center, were a testament to the power of creativity and authenticity in advertising.

Five effective ads for mobile dating & Relationship apps

5. Jigsaw

By prioritizing personality over looks, Jigsaw presents itself as a platform for people who value genuine connections based on shared interests and values. The amusing twist on the founder testimonial trend not only makes the ad stand out from the competition, but also reinforces Jigsaw’s commitment to authenticity and transparency. This approach is likely to appeal to those who are tired of the superficiality of traditional dating apps and are looking for something more meaningful.

4. Bumble

The next ad, for Bumble, had a unique approach in showcasing its brand, using a TikTok-style format to highlight some of the most outrageous pickup lines that have been used on the app. The ad felt authentic and relevant, almost as if it was pulled straight from the popular “For You” page. It’s an excellent example of how dating and relationship apps can use popular trends and social media platforms to their advantage, attracting a younger audience and standing out in a crowded market.

3. Tinder

Tinder’s ad used a fun UGC vibe to capture the attention of a younger audience. It particularly resonates with those who have used the app while traveling or in a foreign country, conveying a message that Tinder is the go-to app for finding love and making connections, no matter where you are in the world. The ad’s successful use of UGC-style made it feel authentic and trustworthy, which is crucial for a dating app looking to build trust with its users.

2. Badoo

The Badoo ad was a standout example of how humor can be used to effectively communicate a brand’s unique selling point (USP). The ad showcased the common struggles and frustrations that many people experience when using dating apps, but did so in a hilarious and entertaining way. It also communicated that Badoo understands and empathizes with these challenges and has a solution to overcome them.

1. Hinge

The Hinge ad that took the number one spot was a perfect example of how a simple yet powerful message can make a lasting impact on viewers. The ad used an adorable visual to convey the app’s USP – that it is designed to help users find meaningful connections that can lead to a lasting relationship. By showcasing its tagline, “the dating app designed to be deleted,” Hinge communicated that it isn’t just another dating app, but rather an app that is focused on helping people find true love and companionship.

Interview with Jessica Gotti from Paired

This episode featured an interview with Jessica Gotti, Performance Marketing Lead at Paired, a relationship app designed to help couples stay connected and improve their communication. 

Jessica revealed that their best-performing ad creative was a UGC-style ad where the creators speak directly to the camera and introduce the app as a service they have been using with their partner. She chose this ad because of its ability to effectively communicate the app’s unique selling point while capturing viewers’ attention. In a crowded market, ads like this tend to stand out from the competition because of their creativity and authenticity.

Jessica also spoke about how she typically tests different creative approaches. She spends her evenings scrolling through feeds on TikTok or Instagram, and then runs internal brainstorming sessions with her team. She also checks and monitors competitors to see how they approach their ad creatives. Finally, she collaborates with creators who know the best way to speak to their audience and the audience of the app.

Regarding trends in the user acquisition space, Jessica highlighted two. Firstly, the dependence on creators has increased, and almost all players in the mobile field have tried collaborating with content creators or influencers at least once. Secondly, the use of AI for copies and content production is on the rise.

Finally, Jessica discussed creative restrictions imposed by ad networks that Paired faces due to the relationship archetype not being well-known. She mentioned that most of the time, Paired’s content gets classified as “edgy”. However, she expressed hope that this restriction will fade as the relationship category gains more popularity.

Final Thoughts

As the online dating industry continues to grow, the competition among dating and relationship apps has become increasingly fierce. In this crowded market, simply offering a platform for swiping left or right is no longer enough. Successful dating apps must find a way to differentiate themselves and effectively communicate their unique selling points (USPs) to potential users.

The ads featured on the Mobile Ad Eaters episode demonstrate that creativity and authenticity are key to standing out in the world of dating and relationships. By taking an innovative approach to advertising, these apps were able to effectively communicate their USPs and capture the attention of viewers. The use of user-generated content (UGC), humor, and relatable scenarios allowed these ads to connect with audiences on a deeper level and stand out in a crowded field.

Furthermore, these ads suggest that the industry is shifting towards more meaningful and authentic connections. Dating apps like Jigsaw, which prioritize personality over appearance, and Hinge, which encourages users to delete the app after finding a successful match, are examples of this trend. By emphasizing compatibility and genuine connections, these apps appeal to users who are looking for something more than just a casual hookup.

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