Flow Studio is now “powered by Synot”

Synot Holding is Flow Studio’s new business “power-up”. The successful lottery giant invested $250 000 into our team to help boost development and also help us hit the jackpot with Leap Motion apps and games. 

With the new funding we are increasing our capacities and development speed. Our goal is to launch several Leap Motion enabled apps and to find the right market within the next 12 months. We are exploring different areas where Leap Motion brings major controls improvement from entertainment, over interactive visualizations to education. Funding gives us an opportunity to experiment, try different solutions, learn quicker and launch faster. 

Being a part of the Synot family gives us access to several interesting start-ups including Madfinger Games, the authors of iOS smash hits such as Shadowgun and Dead Trigger. What we want to give back to the holding is creativity, ability to come up with original solutions and modern trends which will develop the main lottery business.

Bootstrapping isn’t bad but it’s great to be on the next level!

Official press release



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