How our creatives and mobile video ads are made. And how much they cost…


This is a new showreel, a sample of the best creatives we’ve done for our clients in 2018.

If you’re curious how such app previews, video ads or even playable ads are made, here is the typical process:

  1. A brief from the client (we have an online form to guide you).
  2. Cost estimate for approval.
  3. Research, references and then brainstorming of the marketing manager as well as the creative team.
  4. Hand-sketches of several concepts by the Creative Director.
  5. After the approval, the actual designing and production starts.
  6. Once the key visual/video is ready, we prepare multiple formats, durations and language mutations.
  7. Finally, we iterate the winning creative as well as leverage the asset as much as we can.

Mobile ad sketch

Such a process usually takes around 1 month, iterations of existing ads from a couple of hours to a few man days. If the team works on a larger batch of ads, the unit price can shrink significantly as designers can reuse existing elements. This means it’s cost effective to work on a batch of creatives rather than a single one, not to mention it’s always good to rigorously A/B test ads as you rarely guess right which creative will be the winner – the taste of the crowd (or algorithms?) is often contradictory to creator’s belief.

Creative process mobile ads production

Both video creatives and playable ads can be produced in many ways, from rather simple and quick executions using mostly screen capture to fully computer generated videos which take weeks to produce. Therefore, the price range usually varies from $2000 to $7000 per ad. The production quality, inputs from the client, number of formats, languages, live footage, etc., can affect the price quite a bit.

If you’d like to let AppAgent’s motion designers create a video for your game or app, contact us.

PS: This showreel took around 80 hours (10 man-days) of the Creative Director and motion designer to be made.

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