Expectations from Leap Motion

Have you seen the movie Minority Report? And do you remember the scene where Tom Cruise analyses the crime scene footage with hand gestures: swiping, pinching, rotating the camera angle? Well, in less than three weeks you can have the same experience on your desktop computer with Leap Motion.


Leap Motion’s powerful controller, which lets you control virtual space in front of your computer, is impressive. Many times more accurate than the Kinect – and also, many times smaller and less expensive (it’s $79.99) – it’s been heralded as a piece of equipment that could revolutionize how we interact with our electronics. It’s like a piece of technology from the future.

Currently available for pre-order, the controller will ship starting July 22. It is something which I will liken to the iPhone introduction back in June 2007. Totally new experience, new Airspace app market and new possibilities how to interact with technology. Everyone from students exploring solar systems in a classroom, to doctors reading slides in a sterile operating room environment can experience the benefits that a contact less experience has to offer.

Big expectations, endless possibilities

From controlling your favorite games like ‘Fruit Ninja’ to painting with a real paintbrush, the list goes on and on. You can simply browse the web, or explore the planet in Google Earth. Tools available from Leap allow us developers to add support for the device with our own software and even websites. Leap took the precision challenge head on and created a controller that can not only track both hands and all 10 fingers, but the device can differentiate between your index finger, middle finger, and even your thumb and pinky. The Leap controller is so accurate, down to a mere 0.01 mm, that even the most precise tasks aren’t left behind.


Why we are super excited

Here are first ideas what can be done with Leap Motion in the future. Feel free to send us yours or write them in comments:

– 3D objects modeling just by hands

– navigation in 3D space as in molecular structures or 3D scans in healthcare segment

– browsing and organizing media content faster with two hands a multiple gestures at once

– education, because it is much more native to make a gesture than control a mouse pointer

– interactive outdoor and indoor advertising panels

– navigation systems in retail

– product presentation systems in retail

– visual art

– music production and effecting

– VJing on parties


The future of 3-D Motion Control

Leap Motion has already announced strong partnership with manufactures as HP or Asus but it still means just bundling the device and pre-installation of Airspace store to computers. I am sure we will see within very few months tight integration of the device to keyboards and even notebooks so the user won’t care about the additional device. Leap will be just under your hands, ready to track your gestures whenever you want to leave the traditional keyboard and mouse. 

Overall, Leap Motion is a big step (or “leap”) in the direction of the Minority Report-esque computer control we’ve dreamed of. We are very proud to be part of this new developers community and we hope to launch Sortee for Leap Motion on the D Day – July 22. Stay tuned!

Contact us at fun@flowstudiogames.com if you want to try Leap Motion before the official launch date or cooperate with us.


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