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To put it straight, we aren’t natural net workers. The biggest pleasure for us is to create and innovate. Perhaps because of this, from the very beginning, we have set a simple rule: to meet one new person every week. The goal is to broaden our knowledge in different areas, start new cooperation, get advice or to simply offer help to others. Of course it costs time and cafe expenses have become an essential part of our budget planning. But it is incredible how much you can get from real networking and how fulfilling is to help others as well.  

 Sharing ideas and testing the game

Forget hunting Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections for a while, open your eyes to the people around you and don’t hesitate to ask “What about coffee next week?” To give you inspiration, you can see 5 ideas below which we have gathered in recent months. All of these are from amazing people who have been a great pleasure to meet and talk to.

“It is important to have at least two, but better three, weeks from application approval to its official launch. Send promocodes to journalists and let them prepare with no rush reviews for the D-day.”

Emily Morganti (freelance) about games PR and marketing

“A good strategy is to launch an app in beta version first and after fixing all issues, publish a completely new application to get rid of bad reviews from the test phase.”

Filip Hracek (Google) about how to succeed on Google Play

“If you are looking for your first investor, look for smart money. You need your mentor’s knowledge and contacts much more than cash. And don’t look only in the Czech Republic, the best guy for you can be from anywhere else, keep searching!”

Lenka Kucerova (StartupYard) about venture capital, investor relations

“Your press release should always be as short as possible; one paragraph is usually enough. Don’t send us PDFs, just copy the text in an email and add one small screenshot. That’s all we need to decide if the game is worth attention.”

Martin Bach ( about games PR and journalism

“Once you break into the elite club of developers with a hit product, Apple is open to discussing your next game builds and offers advice how to improve it.”

Martin Chamrad and Kuba Šmíd (Craneballs) about games marketing, Apple relations

So does anyone want to meet or skype next week? 🙂  


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