Mobile Ad Eaters – Episode 8

Mobile Ad Eaters 8

Featuring ads in the 8th episode of Mobile Ad Eaters are DoorDash, HBO Max, Roblox, Duolingo, Clash of Clans and Acrylic Nails!

Listen to our special guest Raquel Korman, Creative Manager of CrazyLabs, who shows us her best performing creative and talks about why you should try to get a reaction out of your viewers.

Mobile Ad Eaters is a short video series that aims to show the best performing and most creative video ads out there.

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Welcome to the fifth part of our Mobile Marketing Creatives Series. In ten episodes, we aim to provide insight and inspiration on creating thumb-stopping visuals to promote your app.  Subscribe to AppAgent’s newsletter today, and you’ll never miss future episodes where we cover: defining your unique selling proposition, developing a creative strategy, fake ads, and best practices we have learned while working for top publishers such as Supercell, Small Giant Games, Joom or