Mobile Ad Eaters with Maciej Kudla of Ten Square Games

“It’s a great source of in a fun format.” – Jane, 

“My inspiration file is growing” – Solal, 
“I love that you take that energy to share these. Really helpful.” – Dez.


And that’s exactly why we’re doing this short video series called Mobile Ad Eaters.

In the 9th episode, you can watch the countdown of the top 5 mobile video ads:

#5 State of Survival
#4 Rush Royale
#3 Bumble
#2 Facebook
#1 Family Island

Maciej Kudla, Creative Producer at Ten Square Games showed us their best performing ad called “Save the girl” for the Hunting Clash mobile game. 

Listen to why he feels insight-based creatives work for them and why it’s good to know what other games their players play.


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