The Ultimate List of Mobile Sports Game Ads to Get You Fired Up

Sports Game Ads That Will Get You Hyped

Mobile Sports Gaming in 2023

As more and more people turn to mobile devices for entertainment, the mobile sports gaming industry has experienced a surge in popularity. With advanced graphics and gameplay features, it’s no wonder why mobile sports games have become a preferred choice for gamers worldwide. The ability to play anytime, anywhere, coupled with the competitive nature of online gameplay, has made mobile sports games a favorite pastime for millions.

And that’s precisely why this episode of Mobile Ad Eaters includes a a list of the top-performing mobile sports game ads of 2023 that are sure to capture your attention and get you pumped up to play.

From high-energy soundtracks to dynamic animation, these video ads are designed to stand out and leave a lasting impression. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be entertained by some of the most innovative and engaging ads of the year.


5. Golf Clash

Golf may not be the most exciting sport to watch, but this ad is sure to make you giggle. The fun 3D animation and cute (yet annoying) turkey make it stand out from the rest. This ad is worth watching, even if Thanksgiving has come and gone.

4. WWE Supercard

This live-action ad is a great example of how to promote a game with an action-packed and engaging storyline. The appearance of a WWE Champion at a dinner table adds a unique and unexpected twist that really draws you into the world of the game. When watching this ad, you’ll definitely feel like you’re part of the action yourself, and you’ll be eager to dive into the game and start playing.

3. NBA Clash

The next ad, for NBA Clash, really stands out among others in mobile sports gaming. It showcases not only the game’s graphics and gameplay but also the personalities of real-life players. The split-screen action and trash talk will surely get you hyped up for some one-on-one action. And who knows, you might even learn a thing or two about the game from watching!

2. FIFA Mobile

Next, we have FIFA Mobile, a dynamic ad that captures the excitement of the Champions League. The upbeat music and narration, combined with the player’s reactions, make you feel like you’re right there on the field. If soccer (er – I mean football?) is your sport of choice, you won’t want to miss this one.

1. NBA 2K

The NBA 2K ad is an excellent representation of what the game has to offer. With its high-energy soundtrack and colorful motion design elements, this ad is sure to get you excited about playing. Realistic animations of your favorite NBA All-Star is also a nice touch that adds to the overall appeal of the ad. 

Interview with Marius Rizopol from Miniclip

This episode featured an interview with Marius Rizopol, Senior Marketing Creative Lead at Miniclip, who discussed his best-performing creative for the Matchday Manager game – the “stadium upgrade” ad. He shared that this ad leverages the popular concept of progression and has proven to be highly effective in engaging their target audience.

Marius also mentioned that he’s revamping the creative process at Miniclip. He’s working on organizing everything and creating a clear framework for creative production. The team is putting extra emphasis on ideation by making it objective and coherent, and ensuring that each ad conveys a clear message. They’re also streamlining the process to facilitate cooperation between the creative team and the UA managers. This will enable them to interpret results, draw learnings, and make decisions collaboratively.

Since implementing this new approach, the team has gained greater clarity on their entire workflow, from initial planning to ideation, result interpretation, and determining their next steps.

Drawing from his experience in the traditional advertising industry, Marius stressed the significance of ideation, workflows, and tools to create a clear plan during the concept stage, which ultimately enhances the effectiveness of ads. He also noted that the line between big advertisers and Performance Marketing is blurring, and in the gaming industry, where competition is high, ideation is increasingly crucial as a differentiator.

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