Orc’s Arena – Developing the other way

Today we’ve launched a unique project, Orc’s Arena. It’s not just a game, it represents a new approach. Imagine a “minimal viable product” typical for services in a form of a game, which waits for feedback and will be further developed based on the response of the players. 

Sortee, currently our most expensive title, took us almost a year to develop. Although we’ve done lot of interviews, closed testing, public testing and iteration cycles, it still is a risky approach when we bet on one card. Unfortunately, we haven’t won in the “App Store lottery” which was an expensive lesson learned. With this knowledge, we teamed up with with Lukas Korba to develop a very low cost game called Octagon few months ago. This time we did several rounds of testing with our target group recruited from hard-core members from the TouchArcade forum and the average 4.5 star rating with positive revenue shows us that we have successful results.

We take Orc’s Arena even further. The idea came from our main coder Petr Kolda, who was able to create 90% of the game prologue on his own using assets from the Unity Store and his own skills in 3D software and animations. We kicked-off only a short single player prologue and multiplayer mode with basic skills and weapons upgrades. Now we want to collect everyone‘s feedback first:  is the genre attractive, is our humor of good taste, is the design good enough? And most important are the gesture controls natural and is the game fun to play?

Leave your feedback and help us develop the other way!

Orc’s Arena for Leap Motion: http://bit.ly/orcsarena

Orc’s Arena for classic controls: http://bit.ly/orcsarenadesktop


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