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Many question marks about the purpose of the device popped up shortly after the launch of the Apple Watch on April 24th. The App Store opened its gates containing over 3000 Watch enabled apps and people started asking: “What should I download, what’s the best app?” I have a personal question for you: what’s your killer app on iPhone? Is it an email client for a remote work? Facebook app to stay up-to-date? WhatsApp
About a week and a half ago, Apple sent out an invitation to iOS app makers to test out its new Analytics platform, which would offer more data on how apps are being used, the trends of particular customers and more. The mobile analytics space has matured a lot but Apple brings one game changer to the space which is called “Sources”. As a marketing guy, I’m pretty frustrated by the black box from
I had an opportunity to use the Apple Watch for a day and dig deeper into its functions than is normally possible during public demos in Apple Stores. The first impression was overwhelming: a small computer with a gorgeous screen on my wrist. I tapped the screen, opened the first app or two and… got lost. One of the keys to success for iPhone and the later iPad was it’s simple UI. My daughter
The Apple Watch announcement excited millions of consumers and developers. Devs felt an opportunity for a brand new market, as well as a new opportunity to differentiate from hundreds of thousands of other developers and serve a new customer segment. The device was first considered as a wrist computer, let’s say a miniature of the iPhone with a more personal touch. This vision stimulated imagination what could be achieved in health, fitness, utilities and
I’m part of a cool online event that kicks off Thursday, April 9! My friend Charlyn Keating, an app developer and entrepreneur, is hosting The Appreneur Summit – the largest online app marketing conference in the world.  Her 30+ guests are some of the biggest thought leaders and online entrepreneurs in the app space. Speakers include Ted Nash, Steve Young, Gabriel Machuret, Carter Thomas, Sylvain Gauchet, and myself. Charlyn will be interviewing these top
How Apple features apps and games is marred with rumors and a great mystery. I bet you’ve asked the question “Why the hell this app…?” many times in the past. With over 1,552,996 active apps (Pocketgamer stats), promotion by Apple is one of the keys to success. Yet only a fraction of devs win in this lottery. Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with Matt Monday (LinkedIn profile), the third member of the
The mobile landscape has changed rapidly in the last two years. The majority of apps are free now and most of the existing marketing strategies focus on paid user acquisition. Unfortunately, paid installs don’t work for premium games. Why? Because the majority of paid games have a low user Life Time Value (LTV). If you sell a game for $1.99 you can, simply said, invest a maximum of $1.40 on a paid install after
You probably know yourself that before you go shopping for new shoes there are millions of models available and it will be hard to choose only one pair. Once you enter the shop, you soon realize that only one or two models fit your requirements and you probably need to look elsewhere. With app marketing resources it’s the same and only a few provide really valuable information worth your attention. Here is a list
Push notifications are no doubt a key for improving user retention. But the truth is there are few resources and stats about the best tactics. Until now! I traveled a long way to our investor yesterday. The Supercity train offered me plenty of time to study dozens of PDFs in my “To Read” folder. One particular document caught my attention: Localytics App Marketing Guide 2015. One of the most interesting facts stated that if
Reviews are an essential part of the App Store and Google Play Store in regards to marketing. More positive reviews mean more social proof for the user which leads to more installs of your app. Most users are followers of others and the number of reviews can help steer the majority of them into downloading an app they might want to download. Also, it’s generally known how important reviews are in the ranking algorithm.

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