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I’ve shared insights about Apple’s strategies for selecting the best apps and games in my interview at recently. Apple simply follows how ordinary people behave in the store. As you
The Criteria for Getting Featured by Apple and Google Play with Petr Fodor Insights how to get featured and some background stories about (difficult) beginnings of Flow Studio back in 2011
Many question marks about the purpose of the device popped up shortly after the launch of the Apple Watch on April 24th. The App Store opened its gates containing over 3000
About a week and a half ago, Apple sent out an invitation to iOS app makers to test out its new Analytics platform, which would offer more data on how apps
I had an opportunity to use the Apple Watch for a day and dig deeper into its functions than is normally possible during public demos in Apple Stores. The first impression
The Apple Watch announcement excited millions of consumers and developers. Devs felt an opportunity for a brand new market, as well as a new opportunity to differentiate from hundreds of thousands
I’m part of a cool online event that kicks off Thursday, April 9! My friend Charlyn Keating, an app developer and entrepreneur, is hosting The Appreneur Summit – the largest online
How Apple features apps and games is marred with rumors and a great mystery. I bet you’ve asked the question “Why the hell this app…?” many times in the past. With
The mobile landscape has changed rapidly in the last two years. The majority of apps are free now and most of the existing marketing strategies focus on paid user acquisition. Unfortunately,

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