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Gangnam Style, Nyan Cat, What Does the Fox Say. Or Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Flappy Bird… The world is crazy and no one really understands what’s behind the success of these
Today we’ve launched a unique project, Orc’s Arena. It’s not just a game, it represents a new approach. Imagine a “minimal viable product” typical for services in a form of a
We are soon launching a prologue of our new game called Orc’s Arena. Just couple of days and it will be available in the Airspace store, exclusively for #leapmotion. (Source:
We are just going through another “Death Valley” as we call the moments when we make critical decisions about our future. The disturbing part is the situation happens already after 6
I have received a regular newsletter from Roger Hamilton 5 minutes ago, author of the Wealth Dynamics system which profoundly changed my business life and how I perceive different talents in
Flow Studio’s Leap Motion showreel featuring Midnight, Sortee, HandWAVE, Power of Logic and Mephisto. (Source:
Interactive slot machines portfolio by Flow Studio Forbes fair is one of the major business events in the lottery business in the Central Europe. Synot as a technology leader grabbed visitors
We’re very happy to announce that internet strategy consultant Cedric Maloux, former CEO of Geewa, has become the first member of our Advisory Board. Cedric’s role is to help us invent
Synot Holding is Flow Studio’s new business “power-up”. The successful lottery giant invested $250 000 into our team to help boost development and also help us hit the jackpot with Leap

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