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Click to open info graphics in a new window. NEXT WEEK: Sortee initial sketches and prototype
Now we can throw our lunchboxes to trash bin… It’s time for announcement of our new game Sortee. Sortee is a new action-puzzle game for iOS. It’s about sorting objects according to different criteria: colors, material, location, usage and many others. Sounds simple? Yes, but you have to be sharp, focused, quick and accurate to succeed!  Watch the new video from first public game play below and let us know in comments what do you
To put it straight, we aren’t natural net workers. The biggest pleasure for us is to create and innovate. Perhaps because of this, from the very beginning, we have set a simple rule: to meet one new person every week. The goal is to broaden our knowledge in different areas, start new cooperation, get advice or to simply offer help to others. Of course it costs time and cafe expenses have become an essential
Shane Lee from and author of recently released App Store Playbook gave an interview to us a couple of weeks ago. His upcoming book will be about outsourcing mobile development. Because we have hired both programmer and designer freelancers on Power of Logic and most of the work on our new game is also done by guys working on a project basis we’ve decided to sum up a few insights which might be
An interview for gaming magazine Level published in July 2012 with some updated facts. Slick office building in Prague houses so called “technology accelerator” . Do not expect white coat scientists or vibrating subatomic particles. Business thrives here. Techsquare is a home for many important Czech startups, emerging Czech technological companies. Flow Studio, led by Richard Horin (39) and Petr Fodor (31), is one of them. They successfully published their first iOS game, Power
PR is much like like seducing a woman. There’s no doubt everybody wants to get the sexiest chick sitting at the bar. The more crowded App Store becomes the more important the right communication is. We met a couple of journalists and read several discussions of PR and media folks. Here are the key outputs which will hopefully help you communicate better and to seduce some hot chicks 🙂 MUST DO Be sure you
Andreas Illiger, an author of the famous iOS game Tiny Wings, is so far the best example of indie developer success. Players flooded with bloody shooters found his beautiful game not only entertaining and addictive, but also tender, optimistic and soul pleasing. “The first month was really scary,” Andreas comments on what was happening after Tiny Wings had hit the first spot in the US App Store. An avalanche of interest was so unpleasant
We just got back from A MAZE Indie Connect festival in Berlin. On the way back to Prague still with a little hangover from yesterdays great party we discussed our impressions. Thorsten S. Wiedemann, the main organizer, asked us for any ideas and toughs about the festival which was a good kickoff for a deeper reflection. So here is some food for thought, Thorsten.   Manifest: “Indie games success"  The festival should mainly present

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