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I’ve just received short but very interesting mailing from Ben representing Lean Startup Machine. It’s so inspiring that I want to share it immediately with you. It will be great if you join Flow at the first ever Lean Startup Workshop in Prague March 1. “Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen” ~ Alyce P. Cornyn- Selby It doesnt matter how much experience you
Sortee is less then a week out and we have some great reviews from US over Germany to Japan. Here are some of them, thanks to all of you who spent time with Sortee! 148 Apps by Jennifer Allen AppAdvice by Ramy Khuffash Pocket-lint by Mike Lowe PadGadget by Lory Gil And some outside US/UK. For example by Stephanie Schlütter.
“Get rid of the fish” is the unofficial name of the official Sortee trailer. Do you like it? (Source:
Sortee sound designer Philip T.B.C.: “Music production is a hard work” Music and sound effects in Sortee are by drum’n’bass DJ and producer Philip T.B.C. who was, for example, an opening act for the famous Prodigy. Although Philip is a musician with over 14 years of experience, Sortee was his first game project he worked on. “Until now, I only made music the way I wanted. Contract work is different and I wanted to try it
Now we can throw our lunchboxes to trash bin… It’s time for announcement of our new game Sortee. Sortee is a new action-puzzle game for iOS. It’s about sorting objects according to different criteria: colors, material, location, usage and many others. Sounds simple? Yes, but you have to be sharp, focused, quick and accurate to succeed!  Watch the new video from first public game play below and let us know in comments what do you

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