PR is seducing

Hmmm, how to get her phone?PR is much like like seducing a woman. There’s no doubt everybody wants to get the sexiest chick sitting at the bar. The more crowded App Store becomes the more important the right communication is. We met a couple of journalists and read several discussions of PR and media folks. Here are the key outputs which will hopefully help you communicate better and to seduce some hot chicks 🙂


Be sure you offer the right information to the right journalist. Do some research and contact only those who are covering your business. Don’t expect response. If your topic is interesting the journalist covers it often without contacting you back.  

The first 5 seconds are essential to get the journalist to pay attention to your message, so put some extra effort to email subject and the first sentence of text. This is a one time chance.

Press releases and emails should be localized in journalist’s language with his/her name in the greeting. Don’t be lazy and get your press release translated!

Be very, very brief, a few sentences are usually enough to deliver the key message. The maximum text length should be three paragraphs, also avoid PR bullshit (“We are the one and only, best, great, epic story, etc.”).  

No image attachments, please! 2 Mb pictures will definitely get you on a spam list. Add only a link to your website gallery or attach one small low-res image if it is essential to communicate some features of your product.

No press releases in PDFs! The best way is to insert your press release to email body or to send it as UNformatted Word document. Journalists won’t be impressed by even the most creative and colorful Word template. They’ve already seen (almost) everything. And they need good information, not coloring book.

If you are iOS developer and you have a paid app, use to distribute promo codes. Only the most desperate journalists will ask you for a code. Save their precious time and send the link for instant promo code download right away.


Journalists are looking for trends. If you fit into a trend, tell them. Journalists are looking for interesting people. So, if you’ve done something interesting, something that is really worth reading, tell them.  

Journalists are looking for interesting stories. So, if your app is being used by American Idol, tell them. You may also try to create truly interesting story, find some unusual connection, create anything unique.

If you can tell the journalist something interesting about the marketplace / the pond you’re swimming in, it will definitely make you more interesting.

Passion goes a long way. Persistence helps, but there’s a line. If you push too hard you might get blocked.


Imagine you are in a pub and you want to get a phone number from a hot girl who has never heard about you. Let’s start a thought experiment: imagine talking to her about yourself right away and see how long does it take before she turns her back and goes away. Next, start thinking about what you need to do to get the girl’s attention and make her interested in you. Now do the same in media communication:

1. Start listening to key journalists (read their posts, follow them on Twitter)

2. Start conversation on topics THEY are interested in

3. Build a relation, try to help them, make them a favor (e.g. offer an advice, a contact, send them good tip for an article, etc.)

4. Stand out in the crowd.

5. Be nice and patient.


Don’t hesitate to talk to girls sitting a little bit aside first. They will be pleased by your attention and conversation with them might attract that sexy chick’s attention.

If you have any comments, write us or tweet @Flow_Studio so we can discuss it. 


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