The first 6 hours are critical for the life of your app

Push notifications are no doubt a key for improving user retention. But the truth is there are few resources and stats about the best tactics. Until now!

I traveled a long way to our investor yesterday. The Supercity train offered me plenty of time to study dozens of PDFs in my “To Read” folder. One particular document caught my attention: Localytics App Marketing Guide 2015. One of the most interesting facts stated that if you bring a user back to the app 6 hours after the first session you significantly increase chances of a higher retention rate in the future. The key to this is push notifications. So, I looked through this long document and picked out a few insights about why push notifications are so important and how to use them in the best possible way.

  • 52% of users activate push notifications.
  • Push enabled users come back to apps at around 88% more than those who do not enable push notifications.
  • Retention is between 2-3x higher for apps with push notifications enabled.
  • The highest click rate is on Tuesday and Friday, lowest during the weekend. 
  • The best time of day is between 12pm and 5pm (as people are probably bored at work 🙂
  • Short messages of up to 10 words are the most effective, 3x more effective than long texts.
  • Targeted and personalized notifications are opened 2x more than generic messages.
  • 5% of push notifications are opened in the games category

The compete document by Localytics is available for download at:



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