Why is the App Marketing Agency of the Year award important?

AppAgent The Best Agency

On the annual App Growth Awards in Berlin (held on Dec 5, 2018) AppAgent turned two nominations into an award (the second nomination was for the best ASO Company). For me personally, the main emotion when I heard them say “the app marketing agency of the year is AppAgent” from James Cooper’s lips, was a relief.

Why? When I started AppAgent, I set an ambitious goal to build a marketing team for hire which has the capability to grow any mobile app or game, no matter if it’s about the strategy, better data analytics, creativity or user acquisition. Of course, it’s easier to do only ASO or only campaigns on FB but because I was running my own gaming studio from 2011 to 2015, I was deeply convinced that only holistic solutions deliver outstanding results.

The thing is that to find the right talent, train people and make data crunchers work together with artists was quite a challenge. We had many ups and downs, days when processes failed miserably, new business was not coming in as we needed because of the team capacity, clients canceled contracts due to in-house circumstances we couldn’t control, etc. If you’re a founder or have an agency background, you probably feel my pain.

Although it’s great to get extra visibility because of the award, the importance is in the message it gives us agents. It’s a relief for me to see the unique approach on the market which generates results for our clients and that people outside of the company actually see too. It’s great for the employees to be assured that they are joining an amazing team with a clear vision and ability to execute on it as well. It’s a great confirmation for those to know that we can grow bigger together with our clients!

Thank you, Richard, Martin J., David, Tina, Vojta, Lukas, Martin B., Vitek, Lina, Iva, Albert, Phob, and Thomas. 

PS: This delight doubled with Clutch placing AppAgent in their Global Leader Awards. The list presents 1000 firms that “demonstrated an exceptional ability to deliver quality products and services for their clients“. You can read on Clutch what client’s say about AppAgent.

PPS: We’re hiring people on UA, ASO and many other roles, check our website!


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