As a scaleup, you need to be growing constantly. The question becomes “how do you increase your app performance?”. Whether it be through retention or monetization, our A/B testing framework will help you grow your app.

AppAgent's Approach

More than just helping you technically to implement an A/B testing tool, we can help with designing, running and executing experiments.

Firstly, we design a hypothesis based on a funnel review and user insights. Following this, we brainstorm ideas for specific features that are then transformed into experiments which are organized and prioritized in a backlog. After the experiment is run, we help you understand the results and outcomes.

What's Included in
product optimization?

Why use PRODUCT OPTIMIZATION by appagent?

know what your users really want

Not sure how to grow? Not sure which feature to implement out of the wide number of choices? Our solution helps you grow in the way your users would want. Listen to them – they are what matters!

let the data

Oftentimes, we find ourselves believing that the next feature we build will be the game changer. We strongly believe that you should let data decide between what is right and wrong.

achieve faster growth

A/B tests help you move quicker. Empirical results from tests show you what direction you should take.

An out-of-box analysis tool would have been twice the cost of the dashboard that AppAgent helped us develop, so we’re very satisfied with how cost-effective this solution has been. The completed tool also helps us save 20% of our expenses, every month.

Dan Schmeer / Head of Marketing at Studycat


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