In the growing world of automation, we believe that data-driven creatives play a big role. On mobile, art and science must merge in order to profitably acquire new users at scale.

AppAgent's Approach

Fully managed user acquisition at AppAgent involves more than campaign management.

We include ad creatives production, alignment of the store listing with the main traffic sources, and building a Return-On-Investment (ROI) prediction model.

Only then can we achieve the maximum potential of your app.

What's Included in user acquisition services

Why acquire users
with Appagent?

Systematic exploration

Understanding the pros and cons of each channel, coupled with best practices and knowing the benchmarking helps us to optimize your marketing budget.

Big ideas
big impact

We’re known for unique ad concepts and excellent visuals that convert to downloads. Our in-house design team continuously produces new and iterated ads that fight creative fatigue.

Data for breakfast

Before you spent a cent, our data team helps with your marketing analytics setup. We also build ROI prediction models that offer a window into a campaign’s future performance.

AppAgent was like a mirror to us. The team helped us to reflect our campaign strategy, which in turn helped us to drive better results. Very detail-oriented combined with deep insights!

Robin Pratap / Co-founder and CEO of Asana Rebel

Doubling the ROI with a 67% per year growth


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