Instagram Stories Ads Cheat Sheet for UA managers

Instagram Stories Cheat Sheet

Did you know, that

  • 400 000 000 daily active users are following Instagram Stories?
  • 60% of Instagram users watch videos with the sound on
  • 5-10 seconds, vertical format and ‘content generated’ look & feel of Instagram Stories Ads work the best?

Well, many apps and game developers don’t. Instagram Stories Ads format is still not being used so much or is being overlooked, in comparison with other ad formats. This is wrong in our opinion.

Instagram Stories was released in August 2016 and since then it has become more and more popular among people and advertisers. If they are testing or using it, they like it for its expressiveness (vertical full-screen video), sound availability and atypical CTA (swipe up function).

We are using Instagram Stories Ads for some of our clients and see big differences between Instagram Stories Ads and other ad formats. So, we have decided to sum up our best practices, add 6 examples of creatives and ask top experts to give their tips on how to create the best Instagram Stories Ads. Thank you again, Ekatarina Shpadareva from Runtastic, Juliane Besler from Kolibri Games, Pia Jacobson from Twigeo, Elena Tsarkova from Wooga and Thomas Petit.

We’ve gone from user-generated content to more branded and professional looking videos. As a result, we have experienced higher CTRs and higher click-to-install rates. – Kate Shpadareva

Keep in mind user that will spend on average “one second” on your creative, whether static or video. So, get straight to the point and try to surprise them with something that makes them want to see more than a second. – Thomas Petit

If you know your audience is more mature, set up your targeting that way from the very beginning. Nobody knows your product better than you – Elena Tsarkova

Our UA managers and creative people have this cheat sheet printed out at their desk. Do the same, follow at least some of the tips and create the best Instagram Ads for your app or game.

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How to create Instagram Stories Ads for mobile apps and games Creatives

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