Mobile growth knowledge shared together with AppAgent’s expert partners.

How To Wow Your Audience In 5 Seconds Or Less / Mobile Presence Podcast

You’ve got seconds to grab audience attention with your mobile app video ads. But how do you craft a story that’s compelling enough to get viewers to install?
Mobile Presence Promotion

Scale your Subscription-Based App / Adapty.io

Mobile Marketing Lead Roberto Sbrolla explains the 3 most important elements that you should focus on to get past the tipping point and profitably scale your app.
Profitably scale your subscription-based app

Storytelling and mobile apps / Out of the Box Podcast

Learn the importance of storytelling in your app, building a bridge between your brand and your narrative, and how to leverage user motivation to build a consistent brand.
Storytelling and mobile apps / Out of the Box Podcast with Peter Fodor

Ad Iterations Panel / App Growth Summit

A great ad creative can send your business through the roof. To get to such a super-performer, you have to test and iterate. But how? To save you the headaches and money, four UA experts provide you with an actionable iteration plan that you can apply tomorrow.
App Growth Summit Peter Fodor - Ad Iterations Panel