Are you tired of seeing the same ads used for different apps and games? So are we. That’s why we always look for a fresh creative angle.

AppAgent's Approach

After 20 years in the advertising business and 10 years in mobile, we’ve mastered mobile performance creatives that perform.

The ads and store listings we create are based on extensive research, your unique selling proposition, and a strong creative strategy.

To continuously learn and improve, AppAgent’s marketing experts regularly support designers by analyzing the data to minine new insights.

What's Included in
creative services

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Why go for creatives
by AppAgent?

Unique, so to speak

Each product is different. The way we communicate is by emphasizing this uniqueness, giving every user a reason to download your app or game.


If you’re serious about your app business, then you must build a long-lasting brand. Any marketing output from our “creative kitchen” is carefully aligned with your desired identity.

One message, one love

What we say should remain consistent, but how we say it should be tested. We strive for a consistent user journey.

The entire team at AppAgent is an absolute pleasure to work with. What we find most intriguing is their drive to innovate how UA ads can be produced and iterated.

Chris Huber / Senior Producer at Glu Mobile


Attracted new players through out-of-the-box video ads