The Best Games for Leap Motion Controller

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There will be around 100 apps and games on July 22 when the Airspace store opens its gates to the public. You need over 300 bucks to try them all! We at Flow want to save you time and money. As a part of the developers’ program, we’ve tested most of the apps in the beta stage for free. Here are the three we liked the most.

1. Dropchord – get Red Bull and vodka before

Huge media coverage and a big brand behind it – that’s Dropchord from Tim Schafer’s Double Fine. This music-based puzzle video game by “the most talented and bearded video game development team” was made exclusively for the Leap Motion Controller. It is evident that Tim’s guys have previous experience with Kinect games (e.g. Kinect Party) and created a fun experience full of beats, psychedelic visuals, and crazy hand movements.


2. Vitrun Air – like Dark Nebula in 3D

If you played iOS games back in 2010, you probably remember Dark Nebula, where you controlled a rolling ball in a labyrinth. Vitrun Air has the same deep atmosphere, is in 3D and the ball is controlled with your hand movements. 18 training circuits are time-limited and you have to look for shortcuts to complete each level in time. Spanish Evasion Games figured out easy tutorials and stable controls which isn’t as common as it should be in the Airspace store.


3. Froggle – catfish is coming!

Froggle reminds me of other iOS games Doodle Jump and Super Rope. A frog is controlled by your hand and with 4 simple gestures jumps from lily pad to lily pad. By moving your hand left or right you select the way and try to collect as many glow bugs as possible. If you miss lily pads, a catfish devours cute “froggie”. This endless runner with nice visual stylization is definitely one of the first games you should play with your new Leap Motion Controller.


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