The Manifest Names AppAgent As One of The Most Reviewed Digital Marketing Companies in The Czech Republic

Digital marketing has revolutionized business by enabling brands to perform precise audience targeting, real-time engagement, and make decisions based on data-driven insights. Companies can now reach global audiences through social media, SEO, and email campaigns. Interaction is dynamic and personalized, fostering relationships, enhancing brand visibility, and optimizing strategies based on analytics, leading to more effective […]

Why we loved the year 2019

AppAgent 2019

The year 2019 in short: a successful one. Our target for this year? ➊ Learn tons of new information that will help our clients grow ➋ Find a new office space and welcome many new colleagues ➌ Have more fun at work and after work:   ? Learn more about industry insights and best practices by […]

Are paid games really doomed?

The mobile landscape has changed rapidly in the last two years. The majority of apps are free now and most of the existing marketing strategies focus on paid user acquisition. Unfortunately, paid installs don’t work for premium games. Why? Because the majority of paid games have a low user Life Time Value (LTV). If you […]

How to get (and forget) $3 Billion in a snap

I have received a regular newsletter from Roger Hamilton 5 minutes ago, author of the Wealth Dynamics system which profoundly changed my business life and how I perceive different talents in people surrounding me. Roger is a very bright guy and in every newsletter is something worth spreading. This time it’s a story of Evan […]

The Best Games for Leap Motion Controller

To learn more about industry insights and best practices, sign up for the AppAgent newsletter here. There will be around 100 apps and games on July 22 when the Airspace store opens its gates to the public. You need over 300 bucks to try them all! We at Flow want to save you time and […]