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Today, mobile marketers must look beyond the installation of their app or game to find a new currency through which to analyze and optimize mobile app marketing. Post-install events play a
Last Updated: September 13th, 2022 To learn more about the mobile app marketing industry and best practices, sign up for the AppAgent newsletter here. There is a moment in the production
If you are a developer or marketer working in mobile, you’ve probably heard the term ‘deep linking’. But what is it, and how can you leverage deep links for your app
Ever wondered how to set up a solid Lifetime Value (LTV) model and predict the Return on Investment (ROI) for your app? No worries, we’ve got your back! Being overwhelmed by the complexity
AppsFlyer, AppAgent, and Incipia have collaborated to create a comprehensive guide on predictive LTV modeling. This must-read resource caters to mobile marketers, UA managers, and marketing analysts. Drawing insights from experts representing companies
To learn more about industry insights and best practices, sign up for the AppAgent newsletter here. Why it’s impossible to effectively grow your app or game with mobile ads without having
Listen AppAgent’s Marketing Analyst Martin and Data Analyst Vítek talk about building mobile marketing analytics step-by-step. During their livestream on the Mobile Marketing Experts Facebook group they recently talked why they have decided
The soft launch of a mobile app is all about collecting data. But what happens if you’re a CMO, mobile marketer or a product marketing manager at a mobile startup unfamiliar
It’s clear today that you can’t grow a mobile business without proper analytics. But what does “proper analytics” mean? Startup founders and product managers often don’t have the skills and knowledge




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