Top-Performing ads for a legendary mobile game

Created best-performers that are still true to the game

Developed a strong creative strategy based on a proprietary creative canvas

About Clash of clans mobile app

Supercell’s Clash of Clans is the most famous free-to-play mobile strategy game with 500 million downloads to date.

Clash of Clans Clan Wars Ad
David Novotny

Through our creative approach, we proved that Clash of Clans can run profitable user acquisition campaigns at scale. Video ads made by AppAgent are long-term best performers and unlocked significant spend on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads.

David Novotny / Creative Producer at Appagent

the brief

Produce high-performing ad and store creatives to drive new users to a 9-year-old game.


Setting a creative strategy for such a big mobile brand required a return to our true marketing roots.

We conducted a comprehensive competition analysis at the start of the cooperation and created our own creative strategy canvas based on GameRefinery’s motivators.

So far, we’ve delivered 30 original ads, with over 900 video exports in various sizes and languages.

We hired an experienced Clan leader, who has led his clan since 2015. His insights inspired the creative process and he regularly reviewed concepts, recorded gameplay, and did a final factual check of the ad. Hiring him was crucial to the ads’ success.

clash of clans sketch

AppAgent’s best practice

If you have a mid-core game with a massive fan base, your marketing creatives must be very true to the game. To ensure this happens, hire a hard-core fan of the game to help you with ideation and to double-check final outputs for 100% accuracy.

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